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Human Resource Management, (MB-203, Dec-2007), 2nd Semester

Note: Section-A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section-B.


1.     Define Human Resource Management.

2.     What is job satisfaction?

3.     What is meant by potential appraisal?

4.     What do you mean by empowerment?

5.     Describe meaning of career planning.

6.     What is job evaluation?

7.     What is meant by job satisfaction?

8.     Define Human Relations.

9.     What are the benefits of Human Resource Planning?

10.Highlight importance of counseling for effective human resource management.


1.     What are various objectives of Human Resource Development. Highlight the functions of Human Resource Management with suitable illustrations.

2.     Highlight the need and importance of training the employees. Outline various techniques for imparting training to the employees.

3.     What atechniques would you recommend for undertaking performence appraisal of the employees? Explain with suitable illustrations.

4.     (a) Suggest ways to enhance employee participation in management. (b) Recommend techniques for improving Quality of work life.

5.     Outline the concept of quality circles. Highlight the role of management in developing quality circles.

6. Write notes on:

     a). Collective Bargaining

     b). Employee Welfare    


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