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Marketing Management (MB-204, Dec05), 2nd Semester

Note: Section A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section-B.


  1. Define Marketing.
  2. What is selling concept?
  3. What are public relations?
  4. Define positioning.
  5. What are functions of labeling?
  6. Identify factors affecting pricing decisions.
  7. What are the benefits of E-commerce?
  8. Identify factors influencing consumer behavior.
  9. What is advertising?
  10. What is physical distribution?


  1. Highlight the important tasks performed by the marketing managers. Explain the important components of the marketing environment.
  2. What are purposes of segmentation? Suggest various alternatives bases of segmentation with suitable examples.
  3. What are the various stages of the new product development and launch. Explain with examples.

      4. a). Explain various tools commonly employed for sales promotion.

    b). Highlight the purposes of marketing control. Suggest various techniques of marketing control.

5. a). Explain various types of marketing channels used.

    b). Write a note on the buying process.

6. Write notes on

     a). Marketing Information System

     b). Marketing Mix


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