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Marketing Management (MB-204, Dec07), 2nd Semester

Note: Section A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section-B.


1.     Production concept of marketing.

2.     Market skimming.

3.     Functions of packaging.

4.     Franchising

5.     Quantity discount

6.     Psychological pricing

7.     Difference between convenience store and speciality stores.

8.     Product mix

9.     Marketing information system

10.Reference group


1.     What is strategic planning? Explain the Boston consulting group matrix method of resource allocation.

2.     Explain the influence of following factors on consumer behaviour.            (a) cultural factors    (b) Social factors

3.     (a) Explain any five-product differentiation strategies                               (b) Explain the stages in consumer adoption process of a product

      4. a). Explain briefly the functions performed by the sales people

    b). Explain any two methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing plan.

5. A company has invested Rs. 10,00,000 to start a business. The expected annual sales volume is 10,000. The total fixed cost is Rs.1,00,000 and the variable cost is Rs.20 per unit.

    a). What should be the selling price, if the company wants a return of 20% on cost price?

    b). What should be the selling price, if the company wants a return of 20% on investment?

6. a). Why does a company use intermediaries? What are the functions performed by these intermediaries?

     b). Explain the critical decisions involved in the design of physical distribution system.


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