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Production and Operations Management, (MB-202, Dec-2007)

Note: Section A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section-B.


1.     Nature of production & operations management.

2.     The advantages of C-chart of quality control.

3.     Role of work measurement.

4.     Use of ABC analysis.

5.     What do you mean by Product mix?

6.     What is a production system?

7.     Need of codification of materials

8.     Role of capacity planning

9.     Kanban system

10.Jut-in-time (JIT)


1.     Discuss the product design philosophy behind industrial design and design for manufacture and assembly. Which one do you think is more important in a customer-focused product development?

2.     What is purchasing management? Explain with suitable examples the functions and procedure of purchasing management.

3.     Under which conditions would a plant manager elect to use a fixed-order quantity model as opposed to a fixed-time period model? What are the disadvantages of using a fixed-time period ordering system?

4.     What are the objectives and advantages of layout? Explain the procedure of designing flexible-flow layouts?

5.     What are the basic controllable variables of a production-planning problem? Explain the pure and mixed strategies in production planning.

6.     What do you mean by total quality management? How do the marketing and sales areas affect product quality in TQM system?

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