Five-S (5-S):

These five words are developed by Japanese which helps in quality and productivity improvement. They have proved that the first step towards quality improvement is work space utilization.

SEIRI (Proper Arrangement): It means unnecessary items should not be kept in a workplace because they occupy space and create confusion.

SEITON (Orderliness): It means everything should be placed at proper place. It will save the time of worker in searching the thing.

SEISO (Clean Up): It means that the work place and machine should be clean. Machine should be checked for lubrication etc.

SEIKETSU (Cleanliness): It means that the work area should be clean and there should be no dust, chips, oil spots and burrs. There should be a neat and clean working area to keep a healthy environment.

SHITSUKE (Discipline): It means that there should be discipline. Workers should follow the guidelines and safety precautions during work.

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