Amazon River

  • The amazon river is located in northern portion of South America.
  • It is the second longest river in the world after the Nile river in Africa.
  • First largest drainage system in the word in terms of discharge volume of water.
  • The amazon river originates from Andes mountain of Peru and discharged its water into Atlantic ocean .
  • Elevation of amazon river from sea level is 5220 meter and 192 km from pacific ocean.
  • It flows from west to east.
  • The Amazon river system flows through in greater parts of Brazil and Peru.
  • Significant parts of this river flows through Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia and small area of Venezuela .
  • This river covers the maximum areas of Brazil which is the largest country of south America and Latin America.
  • Total length of amazon river is 6575 km (4086 mi)
  • Total basin area of this river is 7,050,000 sq. km and about two third portion of this basin lies within Brazil.
  • Maximum depth of this river varies from 20 m to 100 m.
  • Width of the river varies from 1 km to 100 km.
  • In Peru it covers cities of Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado, in Brazil city of Manaus, in Bolivia city of Rurrenabaque and in Ecuador city of coca.
  • Rainforest region found along its shores and this is the world’s largest biological reservoirs and home to millions of different species.
  • One fifth of the fresh water flows onto the Atlantic at the amazon river in northern of Brazil.
  • At the confluence of the river and ocean, coral reef system was discovered by researchers at Amazon river in 2016.
  • The black Caiman is one of the most endangered wildlife of amazon river.
  • The Apurimac river is the longest tributary of Amazon river.
  • Along the route of the river, 13 major tributaries join the amazon river into its path and create south America’s greatest river and second longest river in the world. These tributaries are Maranon, Napo, Japura/Caqueta, Rio Negro/Guainia, Putumayo, Trombetas, Ucayali, Javary, Jurua, Purus, Madeira, Tapajos and Xingu.
  • The Amazon has over 1100 tributaries and 17 of which are 1500 km long.
  • Some endangered species like bull shark, Jaguars, Anaconda and black caiman etc. are also found in the Amazon river.

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