Applications of Air conditioning

Applications of Air conditioning:

Comfort air conditioning: Domestic, offices, shops cinema halls , hospitals, computer centers, libraries, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, transportation, telephone exchanges, beauty saloons, radio and TV stations, auditoriums, malls, museums, ships

Industrial air conditioning:

(a)     Laboratories: to make precise measurements

(b)     To study the effect of temperature and moisture on living beings

(c)     Control of humidity in multi-color printing i.e. if the humidity is not constant paper shrinks and causes poor registration of colors.

(d)     Textile manufacture greatly depends on moisture control

(e)     Dry air is required in steel manufacture as it improves the quality of steel and reduces the coal requirements per ton of steel produced

(f)       Pharmaceutical industry needs refrigeration to reduce air borne bacteria and dirt to preserve products i.e. Gelatin capsules requires very dry air, and pills and tablets require air-conditioning to maintain their quality.

(g)     Photographic products deteriorate rapidly at high temperatures and high humidity. Therefore their control is essential.

(h)    Farm animals: air conditioning of farm houses improves the quality and quantity of milk

Practical Refrigeration: The best way to keep air conditioner running efficiently, do the followings on a regular basis.

(a) Clean the filters,

(b) Clean the evaporator coil

(c) Clean the  condenser coil

(d) Clean the fan

(e) Clean the blower

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