Australia – Great Dividing Range or Eastern Highlands


    The Great Diving Range or Eastern Highlands

  • The Great diving range is Australia’s most important mountain range.
  • This is the fifth longest land based range in the world.
  • It runs parallel to the East Coast of Australia and Stretches more than 3,500 km.
  • This mountain run from Dauan Island in Torres Strait off the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland running along the eastern coastline through New South Wales, Victoria and turns to west before fading into the Central plains at the Grampians in western Victoria.
  • Mount Kosciusko is Australia’s highest mountain at an elevation of 2,228 meter above sea level.
  • The Snowy Mountain is the highest mountain range located on the continent of mainland Australia. This mountain range surrounds the Mount Kosciusko.
  • The length of this mountain range is about 3,500 km long from north to south.
  • The width of the range varies from 160 km to over 300 km.
  • It runs through the states and districts of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Australian Capital Territory.
  • Great Blue Mountain is a world heritage site in 2000 is in Blue Mountains of New south Wales is located in this range.
  • Gondwanaland Rain forest of Australia is formerly known as Central Eastern Rain forest Reserves is a UNESCO world heritage site with an area of 370,000 hectares is located in this mountain range near New south Wales and Queensland
  • Wet Tropical of Queensland a world heritage site with an area 8,940 km square along north-east Queensland portion is located in this Great Dividing Range.
  • The Great Dividing Range is a combined complex of mountain ranges Plateaus, hilly upland areas and escarpments
  • The lowest point is dry bed of Lake Eyre in South of Australia which is 15 meter below sea level.
  • The range was traversed in 1813 by Gregory Blaxland, W. C. Wentworth and William Lawson.
  • Some rivers flows from west of the ranges include the Flinders Rivers, Hasting River, Herbert River and Lachlan River and some River flows from east into Pacific Ocean include Brisbane River, Richmond River, Hawkesbury River, Snowy River Murray River, Darling River, And Mary River.
  • Some small ranges and spurs are also located in this are Bunya Mountain, Blue Mountain, Liverpool Range, Mc Pherson Range, and Moonbi Range.
  • It is a watershed Great Dividing Range. It divides the rivers which drain from east into south pacific, Tasman Sea and rivers which drain from southward into Bass Strait. Murray- darling basin in south-eastern Australian drains south-west into the Great Australian Bight.
  •  The Great Dividing Range is the Australia’s most fertile region. This region is rich in resources like agricultural, logging and mining.
  • Principal rivers of this region provides water for irrigation for dry lands.
  • The mountains and plateaus of this region consist of limestone, sandstone, quartzite, schist and dolomite.
  • The highest areas in southern New South Wales and Eastern Victoria are known as Australian Alps.