B.Sc. Chemistry Question Papers JULY-2022

PTU Question Papers Question Papers


B.Sc. Chemistry Question Papers JULY-2022

PTU B.Sc. Chemistry Question Paper for Download  July – 2022

Download question Papers Semester wise:-

B.Sc. in Chemistry

Semester wise Subject code with subject name 

2nd Semester

  • UC BSHP 124-19  Waves and Vibrations —-Download 


4th Semester

  • BHCL 211-19 Inorganic Chemistry-III (Crystals Field Theory and Transition Elements)—-Download 
  • BHCL 212-19 Physical Chemistry-III (Phase Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics)—-Download 
  • BHCL 213-19  Green Chemistry —-Download 
  • BSHM 408-19 Math-III Matrices and ordinary Differential Equations—-Download
  • BHCL 216-19 Basic Analytical Chemistry —-Download


6th Semester

  • BHCL 311-19 Organic Chemistry-Iv( Natural Product and Biochemistry)—Download 
  • BHCL 312-19 Physical Chemistry-IV ( Electrochemistry) —-Download 
  • BHCL 313-19 Catalysis—-Download
  • BHCL 314-19 Analytical Methods in Chemistry —-Download