Baseball World Cup

Baseball World Cup:

Year Host Country Winner Runner-up
1938 Great Britain Great Britain United States
1939 Cuba Cuba Nicaragua
1940 Cuba Cuba United States
1941 Cuba Venezuela Cuba
1942 Cuba Cuba Dominican Republic
1943 Cuba Cuba Mexico
1944 Venezuela Venezuela Mexico
1945 Venezuela Venezuela Colombia
1947 Colombia Colombia Puerto Rico
1948 Nicaragua Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
1950 Nicaragua Cuba Dominican Republic
1951 Mexico Puerto Rico Venezuela
1952 Cuba Cuba Dominican Republic
1953 Venezuela Cuba Venezuela
1961 Costa Rica Cuba Mexico
1965 Colombia Colombia Mexico
1969 Dominican Republic Cuba United States
1970 Colombia Cuba United States
1971 Cuba Cuba Colombia
1972 Nicaragua Cuba United States
1973 Cuba Cuba Puerto Rico
1973 Nicaragua United States Nicaragua
1974 United States United States Nicaragua
1976 Colombia Cuba Puerto Rico
1978 Italy Cuba United States
1980 Japan Cuba South Korea
1982 South Korea South Korea Japan
1984 Cuba Cuba Chinese Taipei
1986 Netherlands Cuba South Korea
1988 Italy Cuba United States
1990 Canada Cuba Nicaragua
1994 Nicaragua Cuba South Korea
1998 Italy Cuba South Korea
2001 Chinese Taipei Cuba United States
2003 Cuba Cuba Panama
2005 Netherlands Cuba South Korea
2007 Chinese Taipei United States Cuba
2009 Nettuno USA Cuba
2011 Panama city Netherlands Cuba

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