Biggest – Tallest – Highest in the world

General Knowledge

Biggest in the world:

Biggest bird – Rafflesia Arnoldii (Java)

World’s largest bloom is the Rafflesia Arnoldii and largest individual flower on earth.  This flower is found in the rainforest of Sumatra and Borneo of Indonesia. It weighs up to 15 pounds and can grow to be 3 feet across.

Biggest Bell – Tsar Bell (Moscow, Russia)

Tsar Bell is also known as Tsar Kolokol III, Tsarsky Kolokol or Royal Bell. It is display on the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin. It is also the heaviest bell in the world with weigh of 201,924 kilograms. The bell was commissioned by Empress Anna Ivanovan.

Biggest Movie Theater – Kinepolis- Madrid ciudad de la Imagen Megaplex (Spain)

This is the biggest movie theatre with 25 screens and seating capacity of 9200 and one 996 seats Auditorium.  

Biggest Mine city in area – Mount Isa (Queensland, Australia)

Mount Isa mines are the most productive mines in the world with production of lead, silver, copper and zinc. It covers total area of 62.8 km square.

Biggest Art museum- Louvre (Paris)              

It is located on the right bank of Seine River. It is exhibited in the area of 72,735 square meters. It is most visited museum in the world. Presently Jean-Luc Martinez is director of this museum.

Biggest animal – Antarctic Blue whale

This largest animal on planet weighing up to 200 tons and reaching up to 30 meter in length. These whales are also the loudest animals on the Earth.

Biggest/Deepest Ocean- The Pacific

Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean in the world with total surface area of 165,250,000 square km. Challenger deep in Mariana trench and Horizon Deep and Sirena Deep in Tonga Trench are deepest point in Pacific Ocean. 

Biggest clock – Big Ben (London)

This clock tower was designed by Augustus Pugin in neo-Gothic style. It weighs up to 13.5 long tons. This clock was renamed in 2012 as Jubilee of Elizabeth II queens of UK.

Tallest in the world:

Tallest animal- Giraffe

Giraffe male can grow up to 5.5meter and female can grow up to 4.3 meter. The babies of giraffe are called calves and babies can grow up to 1.8 meter.

Tallest Building- Burj Khalifa/ Burj Dubai (Dubai, UAE)

This is the tallest building in world since 2009 and it is named after Sheikh Khalifa. It was started in January 2004, completed in

October 2009 and opened for public in january 2010. It is of Neo futurism Architectural style. Adrian Smith was an architect and Bill baker was a structural Engineer. The main contractor was Samsung Construction & Trading Corporation.

Tallest Residential Skyscrapers- 432, Central Tower Park (New York, USA)

This building is tallest with height of 1550 feet in Manhattan.  Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill is the architect of this building 

Tallest Brick Minarets (free Standing)-Qutub Minar (Delhi)

It is a minaret and a victory tower with height of 2.5 meter. Construction of this building is started in 1199 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and completed by 1220 by his son n law Illtumish. This UNESCO world heritage site is located in Mehrauli of New Delhi.

Tallest /largest statue Bronze- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Statue

Tallest tree in the world – Hyperion redwood (California)

Tallest trees in the world are Hyperion redwood trees stands 115.54 meter (379.1 feet) above ground level and it is 700 to 800 years old Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins discovered these trees in August 2006.

 Highest in the world:

Highest Administrative capital City – La Paz (Bolivia)

This is the highest capital city in the world. It rest on the Ande’ Altiplano Plateau at more than 3500 meter above sea level.

Highest Melting Point – Tungsten  

Tungsten is excellent in use for the filament of Light Bulbs. Its highest melting point (Liquefaction Point) is 3,414 Degree Celsius.

 Highest Volcano- Ojos Del Salado

Highest Lake-Titicaca (Peru-Bolivia, South America)

Due to elevation 12,507 feet above sea level it is also the highest

navigable lake in the world.

Highest mountain peak- Mount Everest (Nepal and Tibet)

According to Nepal IAST it is known as Sagarmatha, in Tibet- Chomolugma and in Chinese Zuhmulangma. It is located in the Mahalangur Himal Sub range of Himalayas. Its elevation is about 8,849 Meter above sea level. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first persons in 29May 1953 who climbed this mountain

Highest and biggest Plateau– Pamir/ Tibetan plateau (Central Asia)

It stretches through the countries of Central Asia, China and India.

This plateau covers an Area of 2.5 Million Square Km. It is popularly known as the roof of the world. Two highest mountains peaks mount Everest and Kanchenjunga is located here. It is formed due to collision of Indo Australian and Eurasian Plates.

Highest/ Largest Waterfall-Denmark Strait Cataract

This strait separates the Iceland and Greenland. At the bottom Cataract series begins 2000 feet under the surface. It was discovered in 1989.  

Highest Active Volcano– Nevado Ojos Del Salado (on Argentina and Chile Border)

This is a layered volcano in Andes range on the Argentina and Chile Border. It is Highest at 6,893 meter.