General Knowledge


After the partition of India in 1947, Lahore, the capital of Punjab went to Pakistan. It was then that Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the prime minister of India gave an idea to build a new capital for Punjab. The foundation stone of the city was laid down in 1952. The name of Chandigarh was derived from the Goddess of power “Chandi”. It was designed by Le Corbusier, a French architect.

Geography: Chandigarh is bounded by two streams-the patiali Rao in the west and Sukhna Choe in the East and by the Shivalik range in the North. It is situated at a height of 370 mts above sea level. It is extended over an area of 114 km2. Chandigarh is divided into rectangular areas known as sectors. It is situated at a distance of 240 kms from the national capital Delhi.

Layout: Chandigarh is divided into rectangular (1200m x 800m) areas known as Sectors. Each sector is provided with the basic amenities like school, Market and Medical facilities. Chandigarh was initially developed for a population of 0.5 million but now it has crossed 1 million.

The roads of the city are divided into seven categories,

V -1 – Roads connecting Chandigarh to other towns;

V-2 -arterial roads.

V-3 –Fast vehicular roads;

V -4 -Meandering shopping streets;

V -5 -Sector circulation roads;

V -6 -Access roads to houses;

V -7 -footpaths and cycle tracks

The Architecture: Le Corbusier has planned the city as a living organism.

The head was the Capitol complex.

The City Center was the heart.

The open spaces represent lungs.

Work areas of the institutional area and the university were limbs.

Roads are Circulatory System.

Worth seeing places in Chandigarh: 1). Rock garden

2). Sukhna Lake

3). Museum and Art gallery

4). Capitol Complex

5). Shopping Center

Gardens in Chandigarh: 1). Rose Garden (Sector 16)

2). Shanti kunj (Sector 16)

3). Leisure valley (Sector 10)

4). Bougainvillea Garden (Sector 3)

5). Terraced Garden (Sector 33)

6). Garden of Fragrance (Sector 36)

7). Botanical Garden (Sector 1)

Religious places: 1). Mata Mansa Devi Temple

2). Gurudwara shri Nada Sahib

3). Shiva Temple, Saketri

4). Chandi Devi Temple

Tourist places near Chandigarh: 1). Yadvindra Garden, Pinjore

2). Chhatbir Zoo

3). Bhakra Dam, Nangal

4). Morni Hills

5). Kasauli

6). Timber Trail

7). Shimla