Difference between Marketing and Selling


Difference between Marketing and Selling:

Marketing Concept:

Marketing orientation begins with the client and the organization strives to study customer’s wants, develops suitable services or products to fulfill the demand of customers. Business is considered as a customer need fulfilling activity. All departments coordinate their acts and the point of interest is on client desires.

Profits are the final results of doing the process well by the company. It requires consistent company-system and maintenance of the system. All departments are responsive to informational inputs. Everybody is aware of the important role performed by marketing, a fact visibly demonstrable when the chief of marketing is part of top management.

It depends on four major elements, i.e. target market, integrated marketing, customer needs and profitability. The idea starts with the particular market, stresses on buyer needs, coordinates activities that sway customers and reaps profit by satisfying customers.

The main objective of company is profit maximization and it can be hold by firm in the long run, by recognizing and working on the needs of the existing and prospective buyers. The fundamental idea of marketing concept is to fulfill the requirements of the buyer, by means of the product.

Selling Concept:

The selling idea begins with seller and its cognizance is on present products, it being seller-oriented. The enterprise believes in competitive selling and different promotions. Customer value and pride aren’t any trouble for the vendor. The organization produces the products first after which figures out methods to promote and make profits. Different enterprise departments perform without coordination.

The selling idea holds that if agencies and customers are left isolated, then the customers aren’t going to shop for adequate goods made by the company. The idea may be carried out in a hostile way, in the case of products aren’t sought, i.e. the products which the client don’t suppose of buying and additionally while the corporation is working at greater than full capacity, the corporation aims at selling what they produce, but not what the marketplace demands.

Hence, the client wishes are triggered to shop for the products, via competitive selling and promotional strategies including advertising, private promoting and sales promotion. The essence of selling idea is to promote what the company produces, through convincing, coaxing, attracting or persuading buyers, in place of what’s demanded by the customer. The idea focuses at producing income through maximizing sales.