Districts of Haryana

Formation of Haryana:

  • Shah commission was set up by the Indian government under the chairmanship of justice J.C. Shah on 23rd April 1966 to carved out of Haryana from Punjab on linguistic basis
  • On 1st November 1966, Haryana was carved out of Punjab State
  • Haryana emerged on the Indian map as a 17th state of India by the seventh amendment of the state constitution.
  • Shri Dharam veer was elected as the first Governor and Bhagwat Dayal Sharma as the first Chief Minister of Haryana.
  • First speaker of assembly of Haryana was Smt. Shanno Devi.


Districts of Haryana:

S. No. Name of District Formation Date
1. Ambala 1st November 1966
2. Karnal 1st November 1966
3. Jind 1st November 1966
4. Rohtak 1st November 1966
5. Mahendragarh 1st November 1966
6. Gurgaon 1st November 1966
7. Hisar 1st November 1966
8. Sonipat 22nd December 1972
9. Bhiwani 22nd December 1972
10. Kurukshetra 23rd January 1973
11. Sirsa 26th August 1975
12. Faridabad 2nd August 1979
13. Panipat 1st November 1989
14. Rewari 1st November 1989
15. Kaithal 1st November 1989
16. Yamunanagar 1st November 1989
17. Panchkula 15th August 1995
18. Jhajjar 15th July 1997
19. Fatehabad 15th July 1997
20. Mewat 4th April 2005
21. Palwal 13th August 2009
22. Charkhi Dadri 16th November 2016


Divisions of Districts:

S. No. Division Districts
1. Ambala Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panchkula, Yamunanagar.
2. Karnal  Karnal, Panipat, Kaithal
3. Hisar    Fatehabad, Jind, Hisar, Sirsa
4. Gurgaon Gurgaon, Mahendragarh, Rewari
5. Rohtak Jhajjar, Charkhi Dadri, Sonipat, Bhiwani, Rohtak.
6. Faridabad Faridabad, Palwal, Nuh.

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