Gautam Buddha


Gautam Buddha:

Gautam Buddha was supposed to be born in 623 B.C. His childhood name was Siddhartha. He belonged to the Sakya family. He was founder of Buddhism. His father’s name was Suddhodana and mother’s name was mahamaya. His father was the king of kapilvastu.

He was born in Lumbini grove which falls on the way from kapilvastu to Devadaha. His mother died some days after giving birth to him. The child Siddhartha was brought up in luxury and got married at the age of sixteen. At the age of 29, he was blessed with a son named Rahul.

The four great signs affected the life of the young Siddhartha. It is said that one evening when his charioteer was driving him to the city, he saw an old man who had been given up by his own. He saw a man suffering from disease. Then he saw a dead human being surrounded by weeping peoples. The fourth was the mendicant, who was moving in search of truth. All these affected the mind of Siddhartha so he decided to give up the world. He left his wife and child sleeping and went away to get enlightenment.

He got enlightenment under the pipal tree at the age of 35 and he came to be known as the Buddha. After that he decided to dedicate his life for the betterment of the people. The first sermon was given by him at sarnath near Banaras. He traveled in the various places of the country. He also sent his daughter and Son to the various parts of the country. Buddha died at the age of 80 in 543 B.C.