MCQ on Manufacturing Industries

CBSE 10th Class MCQ CBSE Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) CBSE NCERT 10th Class MCQ on Geography

11- Which of the following private sector industries are owned and operated by individuals or group of individual?


(B) Bajaj Auto Ltd

(C) Dabur Industries

(D) All of above


12- ………… are jointly run by the state and individuals or a group of individual (jointly owned by public and private sector) like Oil India Ltd.

(A) Joint Sector



(D)None of the above


13-  ………………….industries are owned and operated by the producer and suppliers of raw material and share the profit and losses proportionately.

(A) Cooperative sector

(B) Public sector

(C) Private sector

(D) Joint sector


14- Which of the following industry is the only industry in the country which is self reliant and complete in the value chain; from raw material to highest value added product?

(A) Jute industry

(B) Textile industry

(C) Sugar industry

(D) Paper industry


15- In ancient India, Which of the following was produced with hand spinning and hand loom weaving technique?

(A) Sugar

(B) Jute

(C) Textiles

(D) Paper


16- The first successful textile mill was established in ………………in 1854.

(A) Ahmadabad

(B) Delhi

(C) Mumbai

(D) None of the above


17-In early year cotton textile concentrated in which growing belt of India?

(A) Maharashtra – Gujarat

(B) Ahmadabad –Gujarat

(C) Surat- Gujarat

(D) None of the above


18- Ginning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, designing, packaging, tailoring are all processes related to……………

(A) Sugar Industry

(B) Cotton textile industry

(C) Mineral Based Industry

(D) None of the above


19- Which of the following countries is/are importer of cotton goods from India?

(A) France and Russia

(B) U.K and U.S.A

(C) Both a and b

(D) None of the above


20- India has the ……………….largest installed capacity of spindles in the world next to China?

(A) Fourth

(B) Third

(C) First

(D) Second



11-(D), 12-(A), 13-(A), 14-(B), 15-(C), 16-(C), 17-(A), 18-(B), 19-(C), 20-(D)