MCQ on Manufacturing Industries

CBSE 10th Class MCQ CBSE Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) CBSE NCERT 10th Class MCQ on Geography

61- Which one of the following is an example of noise pollution?

(A) Thermal plant

(B) Nuclear power plant

(C) Flow of river water

(D) Generators


62- Which of the following is/are helpful in reducing the industrial pollution?

(A) Minimizing use water for processing by reusing and recycling.

(B) Treating hot water and effluents before releasing them into river an ponds.

(C) Harvesting of rainwater to meet water requirements.

(D) All of the above


63- Which of the following is a major power providing corporation in India?




(D) None of the above


64- Which of the following industries uses bauxite as raw materials?

(A) Copper

(B) Bauxite

(C) Iron

(D) Cement


65- Which one of the following industries manufacturers telephone, computer etc

(A) Aluminium industry

(B) Steel industry

(C) Electronic industry

(D) None of the above


66- Which of the following agencies markets steel for public sector plants?


(B) TATA steel


(D) None of the above


67- Which one of the following industries uses limestone as a raw material?

(A) Cement

(B) Sugar


(D) Steel


68- ……………..gas leakage can be very hazardous with long term effects.

(A) Fossil fuel

(B) Toxic Gas leakage

(C) LPG leakage

(D) None of the above


69- Sewage treatment plant under Yamuna river action plan at ………………..

(A) Varanasi

(B) Sonipat

(C) Faridabad

(D) None of the above


70- …………….corporation has a proactive approach for preserving natural environment and resources like water, oil, and gas and fuels.



(C) TATA steels




61-(D), 62-(D), 63-(A), 64-(B), 65-(C), 66-(C), 67-(A),68-(B), 69-(C), 70-(D)