MCQ on Environment

CBSE 7th Class MCQ CBSE Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

21- In which type of system goods are exchanged without the use of money?

(A) Barter system

(B) Tithe system

(C) Exchange system

(D) None of the above


22- Which is not a natural ecosystem?

(A) Forest

(B) Aquarium

(C) Land

(D) Soil


23- Which is not a component of Human environment?

(A) Mountain

(B) Religion

(C) Land

(D) None of the above


24- Which of the following is a threat to environment?

(A) Growing Plants

(B) Growing Demands

(C) Growing Buildings

(D) Growing Population


25- ……………… a blanket of air that surrounds the earth.

(A) Biomes

(B) Biosphere

(C) Lithosphere

(D) Atmosphere


26- …………….is domain of water.

(A) Hydrosphere

(B) Seas

(C) Ocean

(D) Rainfall


27- Relationship between the organism and their surroundings what is it?

(A) Atmosphere

(B) Environment

(C) Biosphere

(D) Lithosphere



21-(A), 22-(B), 23-(C), 24-(D), 25-(D), 26-(A), 27-(B)