Gram Sachiv Previous year question paper- 10 January 2021 (Evening session)

HSSC Question Papers Question Papers

31- Which Constitutional Article defines the Panchayati Raj?

(A) 243 O

(B) 243 I

(C) 243 A

(D) 243 


32- The process of raising the relative proportion of ………………….in the alloy is known as Pattinson’s process.

(A) Gold

(B) Zinc

(C) Silver 

(D) Copper


33- The time required to move a disk drive’s read/write head to a specific location on a disk is

(A) Latency

(B) Turn around time

(C) Round time

(D) Seek time 


34- Panchayati Raj institution is a system of …………in India.

(A) Rural Local self government 

(B) Taxation

(C) Central Government

(D) Administrative


35- A parallel-plate capacitor has plates of dimensions 2 cm x 3 cm separated by a 1 mm thickness of paper. The capacitance of this device is

(Given: dielectric constant of paper K =3.7 and Ɛ̥ =8.85×10-12 C2 N-1m-2)

(A) 10 pF

(B) 20 pF

(C) 20 µF

(D) 10 µF



36-Which statement is true in terms of Gram Sabha?

(A) It is not a permanent body

(B) It is primary body of the Panchayati raj system 

(C) It is not defined in the constitution of India

(D) None of the above


37- Which of the following Chief Minister of Haryana had the longest tenure in office?

(A) Bansi Lal 

(B) Pandit Bhagwat

(C) Rao Birendra Singh

(D) Hukum Singh


38- The Mauryan pillar capital also known as the Lion capital is found at

(A) Ujjain

(B) Sarnath 

(C) Patna

(D) Sankisa


39- In December, 1977 Janata Government appointed which committee on Panchayati Raj institution?

(A) Hanumantha Rao Committee

(B) G. V. K. Rao Committee

(C) Ashok Mehta Committee

(D) Balwant Mehta Committee


40- Which of the following pair is correctly matched?

(A) Article 17 –Equality before law

(B) Article 15 – Guarantee against any form of discrimination by the state 

(C) Article 14 – Equal opportunity in public employment   

(D) None of the above