Gram Sachiv Previous year question paper- 10 January 2021 (Evening session)

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51- Which district of Haryana is known as City of Weavers?

(A) Panipat

(B) Ambala

(C) Kurukshetra

(D) Jind


52- La3+ ion is

(A) Diamagnetic 

(B) Anti Ferromagnetic

(C) Paramagnetic

(D) Ferromagnetic


53- Which of the following bird sanctuary is located in Gurugram of Haryana?

(A) Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary 

(B)  Bonal Lake Bird Sanctuary

(C) Salim Bird Sanctuary

(D) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


54- Which Physician demonstrated that blood is pumped through the body by the heart?

(A) William Harvey

(B)Elizabeth Blackwell

(C) Edward Jenner

(D) William Osler


55-Which of the following Dance form of Haryana is in practice since the days of the epic war Mahabharata?

(A) Daph

(B) Dhamal

(C) Khoria

(D) Saang


56- In which Place of Haryana is the Ancient site of Theh Polar situated?

(A) Karnal

(B) Kaithal

(C) Panipat

(D) Faridabad


57- A man has 37.5 meters of cloth and he has to make 8 pieces out of a meter of cloth. How Many pieces can be making out of his cloth?

(A) 360

(B) 400

(C) 320

(D) None of the above


58- Where was the revolt of 1857 started in Haryana

(A) Panipat

(B) Hissar

(C) Ambala

(D) Kurukshetra


59- I the Rigveda, There is a mention of ……… local self units.

(A) Samiti

(B) Vidhata

(C) Sabha

(D) All of the above 


60- The average of six numbers is 3.95. The average of two of them is 3, 4. While the average of the other two is 3.85. What is the average of the remaining two numbers?

(A) 4.5

(B) 4.8

(C) 4.6

(D) 4.7