Gram Sachiv Previous year question paper- 10 January 2021 (Evening session)

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61- Agroha is mentioned in which of the following texts?

(A) Malatimadhava

(B) Abhignana Shakuntla

(C) Divyavdan

(D) Rajatarangini


62- Completethe series 2, 3, 6, 15, 42, ………..

(A) 84

(B) 123

(C) 60

(D) 92


63- ………..are the empty spaces along the left, right, top and bottom of a page.

(A) Formatter

(B) Margins

(C) Justify

(D) Trapdoor


64- Which of the following Gupta Ruler received the title Kaviraj?

(A) Chandragupta

(B) Kumaragupta -I

(C) Shrigupta

(D) Samudragupta 


65- Who was the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Paralympic Games belonging to Haryana?

(A) Seema Punia

(B) Deepa Malik

(C) Mamta Kharab

(D) Geetika Jakhar


66- Consider the binary string 1101 1110 0001. This is equivalent to

(A) DE16 

(B) B9A16

(C) A2916

(D) 129B16


67- In which district of Haryana the Kalpana Chawla Government Medical Collage is established in 2017?

(A) Rohtak

(B) Karnal

(C) Gurugram

(D) Faridabad


68- Arun said ‘This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother’. Who is Arun to the girl?

(A) Father

(B) Father in Law

(C) Grandfather

(D) Husband


69- How many posts are reserved for woman at all levels in the Panchayati raj System in India?

(A) 1/4

(B) 2/3

(C) 1/3

(D) 1/2


70- The first battle of Tarain was fought in the year

(A) 1191

(B) 1192

(C) 1193

(D) 1194