Gram Sachiv Previous year question paper- 10 January 2021 (Evening session)

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71- Kendariya Mahadev temple Is situated in

(A) Khajuraho

(B) Udaipur

(C) Udalgiri

(D) Sravananelagola


72- Which section of the Haryana Panchayati Raj Act 1994 deals with ‘Development Plan’?

(A) Section 238

(B) Section 249

(C) Section 243

(D) Section 233


73- Who was founded the city of Hisar?

(A) Dronacharya

(B) Firozshah Tughlaq

(C) Arjan Singh

(D) Razia Sultan


74- In a certain code LUTE is written as MUTE and FATE is written as GATE, then how will BLUE be written in that code?






75- Maharana Pratap fought against Mughals in the historical battle of

(A) Lahore

(B) Mewar

(C) Chittorgarh

(D) Haldighati


76- Badkhal Lake is located in……….. district of Haryana.

(A) Hisar

(B) Karnal

(C) Faridabad

(D) Sirsa


English Language:-

77- Fill in the blanks with appropriate forma of the word given in the bracket.

Users complain about the ……….(artificial) of war games.

(A) Artificial

(B) Artific

(C) Artificiality

(D) Artificially


78- Select the option, which gives the most correct meaning of the given expression.

(A) Information given by somebody who is directly involved and therefore likely to be accurate.

(B) Told by somebody who was in a great hurry

(C) Foretold by using magic powers

(D) Information from a source which is likely to be wrong


79- Choose the correct synonym of the word underlined in the following sentence from the alternative given below it.

The voluble host has created a lively atmosphere during the programme.

(A) Fiery

(B) Well Dressed

(C) Talkative

(D) Humorous


80- Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The option of that part is your answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any)

On what I know of him, I can easily affirm that he is a good husband.

(A) On what I know

(B) he is a good husband

(C) of him, I can

(D) easily affirm that


81- Choose the correct option

Ravi was always …………..of the good fortune of others.

(A) Miserable

(B) Envious

(C) Irritable

(D) Greedy


82- Choose the correct preposition.

Satish reminded him …………his promise but he was quite indifferent to what satish said.

(A) of

(B) to

(C) for

(D) on


Hindi language 83-90

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