HCS-2014-Prelims- General Studies and CSAT Question Paper with answers

HPSC Question Papers

41- Increased concentration of CO2 in atmosphere is responsible for

(A) Acid rain

(B) Green house effect

(C) Lack of photosynthesis

(D) Death of aquatic life


42- Bohr model can explain

(A) The spectrum of hydrogen atom only

(B) Spectrum of an atom or iron containing one electron only

(C) The spectrum of hydrogen molecule

(D) The solar spectrum


43- The temperature of the system decreases in an

(A) Adiabatic expansion

(B) Adiabatic compression

(C) Isothermal compression

(D) Isothermal expansion


44- Solar eclipse will take place when

(A) The sun is between the moon and the earth

(B) The earth is between the moon and the sun

(C) The moon is between the sun and the earth

(D) The moon does not lie on the line joining the sun and the earth.


45- When an electrolyte is added to a colloidal solution it

(A) Gets coagulated

(B) Gets ionized

(C) Gets charged into a sol

(D) Remains unchanged


46- Which pat of new Encyclopedia Britannica is useful for ready references?

(A) Macropaedia

(B) Propaedia

(C) Micropaedia

(D) Premedia


47- Asian Games 2014 will be held in ………..?

(A) South Korea

(B) North Korea

(C) Japan

(D) Indonesia


48- The movement of molecules of a dispersed phase in zig-zag manner is termed as

(A) Tyndall effect

(B) Electrophoresis

(C) Dialysis

(D) Brownian motion


49- India, with which country released first encyclopedia on their age old cultural contacts, tracing back their history to over 2,000 years?

(A) Sri Lanka

(B) China

(C) South Africa

(D) Russia


50- The SPOT -7 Satellite which was recently launched on board India’s PSLV C-23 flight recently belongs to……?

(A) France

(B) Italy

(C) Australia

(D) Canada