Importance of organizing process

Importance of organizing process:

Attainment of goals: Organizing brings people and resources together. People are assigned with different task required for the attainment of basic objective of organization as well as individual goals of the employees.

Facilitates specialization: Organizing is based on principle of division of work among managers, subordinates and operatives. This leads to specialization of work in the work force in their respective fields as a result efficiency and effectiveness increases.

Defines formal relationship: Organizing provides formal relation between employees by their position in the organization. Organizing defines authority and responsibility relationship which promotes mutual understanding among superiors and subordinates. Position of every person is defined which clears the dependency of employees on each other.

Avoids omission overlapping and duplication: Organizing identifies all the required activities to be done so that no single relevant task is left. People are organized systematically so that no effort and activity overlapped or duplicated.

Facilitates staffing: Organizing process contributes a lot in staffing process by giving clear information about total positions both managerial and operative, in the organization. It also describes skills required and qualification required for a particular position.

Establishment channel of communication: Organizing helps in establishing formal communication channel in the organization by giving scalar chain, reporting relationship and other links for the flow of information in the organization.

Facilitates coordination: Coordination is an important aspect for success of all the efforts for attaining goals of organization. Organizing leads to coordination between the managers and departments so that problem occurred may be rectified if any.

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