Important Days in Month of February

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Important Day in Month of February

1 February Indian Coast Guard day The day is celebrated every year on the same date. The day was formally established on 1st February 1977 by the Coast Guard Act 1978 of the parliament of India. In the beginning there were just surface platform and currently 156 ships, 62 aircraft and target of 200 surface platform and 80 aircraft by 2025.
2 February World Wetland Day This day is observed every year on same date globally. The aim is to raise awareness about the crucial role played by wetlands for people and our planet. The day was first celebrated in 1997. The day also marks the date of the adoption of convention on wetland on 2nd February 1971 in Iranian city of Ramsar on shores of Caspian Sea.
4 February World Cancer Day The day is celebrated every year on the same date to raise the awareness and education about cancer by the Union for International Cancer Control. This was created in 2000 and grown into a positive movement.
4 February International Day of Human Fraternity The day is observed on same date every year with aim to underline the importance of raising awareness about different cultures and religion or beliefs and the promotion of tolerance. The day was declared by UN general assembly.
4 February National Day of Sri Lanka The day is celebrated as Independence day in Sri Lanka. The country got freedom from British rule on 4th February 1948
6 February International day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation This day is celebrated to spread awareness and educate people about the consequences and problems faced by females due to genital mutilation.
10 February World Pulses Day The day has been established by the FAO of United Nations to recognise the importance of pulses as a global food. This day was decided in 2018 by UN General Assembly. The first WPD was held on 10th February 2019.
11 February World Unani day The main aim of Unani day is to spread awareness about health care delivery through Unani system of medicine
12 February Darwin Day This year celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of evolutionary, biology, Charles Darwin in 1809 the day highlights Darwin’s contribution to plant and evolutionary science.
12 February Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday This day is celebrated as birthday of most popular president in united states history. He was the 16th president from 1861-65 during American civil war he was the savior of the nation and emancipator of the slaves. His memorial is situated in Washington D.C. and dedicated to him on 30th May 1922.
13 February World Radio Day This day is celebrated to aware the people about the importance of Radio. Radio is the primary source for providing information.
13 February Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary or National Women’s Day The day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Nightingale of India. He was born on 13th February 1879 in Hyderabad. She was the first woman president of Indian Woman President of Indian National Congress and also the first Indian woman Governor of an Indian state that is United Province which is now known as Uttar Pradesh. She is also  known as Bharat Kokila. 
14 February Valentine Day The Valentine day is named after a Catholic priest named saint valentine who lived in Rome in 3rd Century
19 February Soil Health Card Day This day is celebrated every year to commemorate the launch of the soil health card scheme and create awareness abut the benefits of the Scheme. The scheme was launched by prime minister Narendra Modi on 19th February 2015 at Suratgarh in Rajasthan .The scheme ensures additional income o farmers by an increase in yields and also promotes sustainable farming. 
3rd Saturday of February World Pangolin Day It is celebrated on 3rd Saturday of February every year. With aim is to raise awareness about unique mammals and speed up conservation efforts. Because Pangolin numbers are declining rapidly in Asia and Africa
20 February World Day of Social Justice This was celebrated annually all over the world. The International Labour Organisation unanimously adopted the ILO declaration on social justice for a fair globalization on 10th June 2008.
21 February  International Mother Language day This day is celebrated annually to raise awareness regarding linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism. This Day was proclaimed by the general conference of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation in November 1999.
22 February World Scout Day Millions of scouts from around the word gather at local, national and international levels to celebrate the founder’s day this day is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Baden- Powell the pioneer of scouting.
24 February  Central Excise Day This Day is celebrated to honor the officers with their service of central board of excise and custom to country. The day is celebrated to commemorate the legislation of the central excise and salt act on 24th February 1944.
27 February World NGO Day This day was celebrated globally every year with aim to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGO and greater symbiosis between NGOs and Public and private sector. This day was first marked by UN, EU leaders and international Organisations in 2014
27 February Protein Day Second protein day is observed on 27th February to create awareness about protein deficiency and encourage people to include this macro nutrient in their diet. The day was launched by right to protein a public health initiative. This day was designated in 2000
28 February National Science Day It is celebrated all over India. On this day, sir C V Raman has announced the discovery of roman effect for which he awarded the Nobel prize in 1930. this day was designated in 1986
28 February/29 February  The World Rare Disease Day This day is observed on the last day of February .This day observed to raise awareness for rare diseases and treatment and medical representation for individuals. This was first launched European Organisation for Rare Diseases and its council of national Alliances in 2008.