Important Days in Month of May

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Important Days in Month of May

1st May International Labour/worker Day The day is celebrated to celebrate the struggle, dedication and commitment of the working class.
First Sunday of May World Laughter Day It is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. The day is celebrated to raise the awareness about laughter in the world.

The day was first celebrated on 10th may 1998 in Mumbai upon the initiation of Dr Madan Kataria who is the founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement

2 May World Tuna Day The day is established by United Nations to raise awareness about importance of tuna fish.

The day was first observed in 2017.

3 May World Press Freedom Day The day is observed globally on same day. The day is celebrated to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives.

The day was first established by general Assembly in the United Nations in 1993 to promote the independence of the African Press.

4 May International Fire fighter’s Day The day is observed every year since 1999. The day is celebrated to recognize and honour the sacrifices of fire fighters.

The day was instituted after the death of five fire fighters in Australia on 2nd December 1998 bush fire.

4 May  Coal Miners Day The day is celebrated to recognize the hard work of heroes of industrial revolutions. The day is t honour the workers of mines who digging, tunneling and extracting coal from the mines
1st Tuesday of May World Asthma Day



The World Asthma Day is celebrated t spread awareness abut asthma disease and care around the world.
5 May International Day of the Midwife The day is observed every year since 1992.


5 May World Hand Hygiene Day The day is organised by WHO to raise awareness among people across the globe about importance of hand hygiene and abut many serious infections 
6 May International No Diet Day The symbol of this day is a light blue ribbon. The day is about that your body is beautiful exactly it is and worries less about weight, body shape and be healthy and active.
7 May World Athletic Day The day is decided by IAAF.

The first world Athletic Day was observed in 1996 with basic objective to boost the participants of youth in athletics.

8 May World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day The aim is t celebrate the principles of the international Red cross and red crescent movement.

The day also marks the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant (8th May 1828), the founder of the international committee of the Red Cross. He was also the recipient of the Noble Peace Prize.

8 May  World Thalassemia Day  The day is celebrated to encourage the people who are suffering from Thalassemia. It is an inherited blood disorder.
8 May World Migratory Bird Day The day is celebrated to raise the awareness of migratory birds and importance of international cooperation to conserve these migratory birds.
8-9 May Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for those who lost their lives during the 2nd World War The day pays tribute to all the victims of second world war. The day was declared in 2004 by United Nations.
10 May International Day of Argania The United Nations General Assembly Proclaimed 10th May as International Day of Argania.
11 May National Technology Day The day is celebrated across India. The day marks the successfully tested Shakti- I in 11 May 1998 nuclear missile at Indian Army’s Pokhran Test range in Rajasthan.

The first nuclear test code named smiling-Buddha  was carried out in May 1974

12 May



International Nurse Day The day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale als known as Lady with Lamp and founder of modern nursing and a British social reformer.

She also renowned for setting up the nightingale school of nursing at St Thomas Hospital in London in 1860.

15 May International Day of Families The day is observed to reflect the importance of community attaches to families.

The day was decided by UN general Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237.

16 May National Dengue Day The day is initiative by the ministry of health and family welfare to raise awareness about Dengue and its preventive measure.

The Dengue is spread through the bite of female Mosquito named Aedes aegypti.

Four distinct type serotypes are DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4

16 May International Day of Light The day is celebrated to mark the first anniversary f first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by Physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman.
16 May International Day of Living Together in Peace The day is held every year since 2018.

The day was decided by United Nations General assembly on 8th December 2017.

17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day The day is observed every year since 1969 to commemorate the founding of the International Telecommunication Union.

The day was founded on 17 May 1865 when the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris.

17 May  World Hypertension Day The day is celebrated to promote public awareness of increasing high blood pressure and its precautions.

The day was held for the first time in 2005.

18 May World AIDS Vaccine Day The day is also known as HIV Vaccine Awareness day.

The day is to promote the continued urgent need of vaccine to prevent from HIV infection and AIDS.

The first day was observed in 1997 during a commencement speech at Morgan state of University by President Bill Clinton.


18 May International Museum Day The day was first celebrated in 1997.

The day is celebrated to aware about museum and its importance means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures.

20 May  World Bee Day The day is celebrated every Year on birth anniversary of Anton Jansa in 1734 in Slovenia. He is pioneer of beekeeping.

The day is celebrated to acknowledge the role of bee and other pollinators in the ecosystem.

20 May World Metrology Day The day is to celebrate the international system of Units. The date is the anniversary of the signing of the meter Convention in 1875.

Metrology is the study of measurement.

21 May National Anti Terrorism Day The day is observed to commemorate the death anniversary of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. He was the youngest and sixth prime minister of India and served the nation from 1984-1989.

He was assassinated on 21st May 1991 by a human bomb in Tami Nadu.

The day is celebrated to spread the message of peace, harmony and humankind.

21 May  World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development The day is to celebrate the richness of culture and significant of its diversity and sustainable development.

In year 2001, the UNESCO adopted the Universal declaration on cultural diversity as a result of the destruction of Gautam Buddha statue of Bamiyan in Afghanistan.

In 2002 the UN General Assembly in its resolution 57/249 declare this world day.

21 May  International Tea Day The day is observed globally on the recommendations of India. The day is recognizing by the UN food and Agriculture Organisation.

The   day is to recognize the importance of tea and to improve the conditions of tea producer and tea worker.

Before 2019, the day was celebrated on 15th December in tea producing areas.

22 May  International Day for Biological Diversity The United Nations celebrates this day every year t raise the awareness about issues related to biological diversity due t some human activities.
23 May World Turtle Day The day is observed every year by American Tortoise Rescue (non profit organisation).

The day is to raise awareness among people to protect turtle and tortoise and their disappearing habitats around the world.

The day was first recognized in 2000.

23 May International day to end Obstetric Fistula The day is marked on 23rd May since 2013 to promote action towards treating and preventing obstetric fistula.

The first campaign was launched by UNFPA in 2003.

 The day was officially recognized in 2012.

24 May Indian Commonwealth Day  The day is celebrated on the second Monday in month of march every year.

India celebrated commonwealth day on 24th May every year. 

The day is also known as empire Day.

The day was first celebrated on 22nd January 1901 when the queen Victoria passed away. The first empire day was celebrated on 24th may 1902.

25 May World Thyroid Day The day is to aware people about the importance of thyroid and prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases

The day is established in 2008 by ETA, ATA, LATS, AOTA organisation.

The butterfly shaped gland in the throat that produce T3 (Thyroxin) and T4 (Triiodothyronine) and maintained by Thyroid-stimulating hormone.

25 May International Missing Children Day The day is for missing children who have found their way home and remembers those are victims of crime.

The emblem of the day is “Forget-me-not flowers”

The day was proclaimed by US president Ronald Reagan in 1983 and in 2001 the day was recognize By IMCE as joint part of ICMEC for the first time.

26 May Vesak Day Vesak day, the day of Full Moon is most sacred day to Buddhist all over the world. On this day Gautam Buddha attained enlightment.

In 2000, The day is commemorated by the United Nations.

In 1999, the resolution was passed to celebrate this day.

Since 2004, international Vesak summit is being organised. The decision to celebrate the birthday of Gautam Buddha as Vesak day was first formalized at World Fellowship of Buddhist conference held in Sri Lanka 1950.

28 May World Hunger Day The objective of this day is to raise awareness about people living in chronic hunger all over the world.

The day is observed since 2011 and the hunger project started in this year.

India ranked 94 out of 107 in 2020 Global Hunger index.

28 May International Day of Action for woman’s health The day is observed since 1987 to raise the awareness on the issues related to woman’s health and well being.

Women’s Global network for Reproductive Rights and Latin American and Caribbean Women’s health network launched the day.

28 May  Amnesty International Day The day is observed because in 1961 Non-Governmental Organisation founded in London following the publication of the article “The Forgotten Prisoners” in British newspaper by the lawyer Peter Benenson.
29 May International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers Day This day is observed annually to pay the tribute to all the men and women who have served and are serving in United Nations peace keeping operations.

The day was designated by united nations general Assembly on December 2002 and first celebrated in 2003.

29 May International Everest Day Tensing Norgay of Nepal and Edmund Hilary of New Zealand had climbed the Mount Everest in 1953 and became the first persons to achieve the feat.

The day was decided by Nepal to observe the day as international Everest day in 2009 when the legendary climber passed away.

29 May World Digestive day The day is organised by the World Gastroenterology Organisation in collaboration with WGO foundation.

The day is celebrated to focus upon the diseases disorders, its prevention, treatments and diagnose.

The day was launched in 2004 to mark the 45th anniversary of world Gastroenterology Organisation.

31 May Anti Tobacco Day/ World No Tobacco Day The day is to educate people about harmful effects of Tobacco on health which causes many disease : Cardiovascular, cancer, tooth decay, staining of teeth etc.
Last Monday of  May  National Memorial Day  The day is observed on last Monday of May. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honouring military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving nation.