Important Oasis in the world

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Important Oasis in the world

  • Oasis is a fertile area in a desert or semi desert environment.
  • Oasis provides habitats for animals and plants.


Country Name of Oasis Important Points
Saudi Arabia Al-Ahsa Oasis
  • Largest oasis in the world.
  • 2.5 million palm and date palm trees.
  • The oasis become a world heritage site in 2018 and also a part of UNESCO creative cities network since December 2015.


United Arab Emirates Al Ain Oasis
  • The oasis is known for its underground irrigation system which brings water from boreholes to farms.
Algeria in North Africa Taghit Oasis
  • The town was the site of the Battle of Taghit in 1903.
Utah in United States  Fish Springs National wildlife Refuge
  • The oasis is at the southern end of the Great Salt Lake Desert.


29 Palms
  • This is a city in San Bernardino country, California.
  • The Palm serves as one of the entry points to Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Motto of this oasis is “A beautiful Desert Oasis.”
North Ethiopia Rubaksa ———–
Peru Huacachina Oasis ———–
Maranhao in Brazil


LencoisMaranhensesNational Park ———–
Morocco Tafilalt
  • Largest oasis in the Morocco and located along the Ziz River.
  • Largest Saharan oasis of Morocco in south eastern part of country.
  • The oasis is known for its palm dates.
Dunhuang in China Crescent Moon lake
  • Crescent Moon Lake is in the Gobi desert.
  • This is a crescent Shaped Lake in an oasis is in Gobi Desert of China.
  • The lake was named Yueyaquan in the Qing Dynasty.
  • Mildred Cable and Francesca French visited the lake during their travel in 1932.
Israel Ein Gedi
  • Literally means “Spring of the kid” or “Fountain of the kid.”
  • It is nature reserve located on west of Dead se.
  • The “Window Dry Fall” is found in oasis of Ein Gedi.
  • Ein Gedi nature reserve declared in 1971 and important reserves in Israel.
  • Kibbutz a botanical garden.
Tucson in  Arizona


Agua Caliente ———–
Egypt Siwa Oasis
  • Urban oasis in Egypt.
  • Ancient name of this oasis is Oasis of Amun Ra.
  • The oasis is in a deep depression that reaches below sea level abut 19 meters.
UAE Liwa Oasis
  • Date Palm trees in Liwa oasis.
Morigerati in Italy


Natural Oasis of Bussento —–
Libya Ubari Oasis
  • Oasis in Libyan part of Sahara Desert.
Tunisia Chebica Oasis
  • Chebica oasis is in the Gobi of Tozeur, Tunisia.
Sultanate of Oman Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis
  • This oasis has been developed with a few bridges, seating areas and restaurants.
  • The countries shining sea side capital and an oasis that never dried up.
Western Egypt Farafra Oasis
  • Smallest oasis located on western Egypt.
USA Havasu Falls, Grand CANyon ————-