Interesting Facts About India

Interesting Facts About India


  1. The biggest stadium – Buddha international circuit (New Delhi).
  2. The biggest cantilever bridge – Rabindra Setu or Howrah Bridge (Kolkata).
  3. The biggest church – Calvary temple , Hyderabad (Telangana).
  4. The biggest river island – Majuli Brahmaputra river (Assam).
  5. The biggest mosque – Jama Masjid (Delhi).
  6. The Biggest hotel – Oberai Sheraton (Mumbai).
  7. The biggest stadium – Yuva Bharti stadium (Kolkata).


  1. The highest airport – Leh airport (Ladakh)
  2. The highest road – Leh Manali highway, Khardung La.
  3. The highest dam – Tehri dam on Bhagirathi river (Uttarakhand).
  4. The highest peak – Godwin Austen / K-2 (8611 meter).
  5. The highest waterfall – Jog fall or Garsoppa (Karnataka).
  6. The highest gateway – Buland Darwaza (Fatehpur Sikri).
  7. The highest lake – Tso Lhamo or Cholamu lake (Sikkim).
  8. The highest gallantry award – Paramveer Chakra.
  9. The highest civilian award – Bharat Ratna.
  10. The highest tower in India – Qutub Minar (Delhi).
  11. The highest battle field – Siachin Glacier.


  1. The smallest state in terms of area – Goa.
  2. The smallest state in population – Sikkim.
  3. The smallest union territory – Lakshadweep.
  4. The smallest district – Mahe district (U. T Puducherry).


  1. The tallest statue in the India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (Gujrat – 182meter / 600 feet)
  2. The tallest T.V tower- Rameshwaram , TV tower (Tamil Nadu – 323 meter).
  3. The tallest Shiva statue in India – Adiyogi statue 34 meter tall and 45 meter long (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu).


  1. The largest animal fair – Sonepur (Bihar).
  2. The largest auditoriumSri Shanmukhanand hall (Mumbai).
  3. The largest lake – Wular lake (Jammu and Kashmir).
  4. The largest planetarium – M.P. Birla Planetarium (Kolkata).
  5. The largest river without delta – Narmada and Tapi Gujrat).
  6. The largest Artificial lake – Dhebar / Jaisamand Lake (Udaipur, Rajasthan).
  7. The largest Gurudwara – Harmandir Sahib / Golden temple (Amritsar).
  8. The largest fresh water Lake – Kolleru lake (Andhra Pradesh).
  9. The largest saline water lake – Chilka lake (Odisha).
  10. The largest public sector bank – State Bank of India (SBI).
  11. The largest tomb – Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur (Karnataka).
  12. The largest museum – National Museum (Kolkata).
  13. The largest delta – Sundar ban delta ( West Bengal).
  14. The largest mosque – Jama Masjid (Delhi).
  15. The largest Cave temple – Kailash temple (Ellora, Maharashtra).
  16. The largest state by population – Uttar Pradesh.
  17. The largest cave in India – Amarnath (Jammu and Kashmir).
  18. The largest national park in India – Hemis National park (Jammu and Kashmir)
  19. The largest forest cover area – Madhya Pradesh state has largest forest area with 77522 sq. km.
  20. The name of Largest state in area- Rajasthan .
  21. The name of largest state according to population in India – Uttar Pradesh.
  22. The largest river island in India – Majuli Island in Assam.
  23. The largest fort in India – Chittorgarh Fort (Rajasthan).
  24. The largest Dessert in India – Thar dessert.
  25. The largest building in India – Rashtrapati bhavan (Delhi)
  26. The largest populated city – Mumbai.
  27. The largest man-made lake – Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand dam).
  28. The largest zoo- Zoological Garden (Kolkata).
  29. The largest district in India- Kachchh (Gujarat).
  30. The largest port In India – Mumbai.


  1. The longest river in India – The Ganga.
  2. The longest tributary river of India – Yamuna.
  3. The longest cantilever span bridge – Howrah Bridge (Kolkata).
  4. The longest road trunk – Grand Road trunk .
  5. The longest Canal – Indra Gandhi Canal.
  6. The longest Dam – Hirakund Dam in Odisha.
  7. The state with longest coastline – Gujarat.
  8. The state with longest coastline in south – Andhra Pradesh.
  9. The longest railway route – Dibrugarh To Kanyakumari.
  10. The longest beach – Mariana beach (Chennai).
  11. The longest Tunnel – Pir Panjal Tunnel (Jammu and Kashmir).
  12. The longest platform – Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.
  13. The longest river bridge – Bhupen Hazarika (9150 meter).
  14. The longest highway – National Highway 44 (Srinagar to Kanyakumari).
  15. The longest Passenger train – Vivek express (Weekly train with numbered 15905-15906).
  16. The longest corridor – Corridor of Ramnath Swami temple at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu.
  17. The longest river of southern India – Godavari.

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