International Boundary Lines

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International Boundary Lines:

Name of the boundary Countries  
Durand line Between Pakistan and Afghanistan It is border in South Central Asia against treaty of Ganda Mark (durand line agreement anglo-afghan treaty of 1919). It is 2670 km long. It is established by mortimer durand and Abdur Rahman Khan in12 Nov 1893. The agreement of durand line was sign at the end of the first phase of the second Anglo Afghan war
McMahon line Between India and China(Tibet) This line was proposed by British colonial administrator sir Henry McMahon at the 1914 Shimla convention. It is signed by McMahon and lonchen Satra on behalf of Tibetan government.
RadCliffe line Between India and Pakistan it was named after its architect sir Cyril radcliffe. He was the joint chairman of the two boundary commission for the true provinces.
17th parallel Between north Vietnam and South Vietnam Established by Geneva accords of 1954
20th parallel Between Libya and Sudan
22nd parallel Between Egypt and Sudan
25th parallel Between Mauritania and Mali
31st parallel Between Iran and Iraq
38th parallel Between North Korea and South Korea Before Korean war
49th parallel Between USA and Canada Also known as medicine line
Hindenburg line Line ran from Arras to Lo laffaux near soissons This line was built by German seigfried during the winter of 1916 – 1917 on the Western front during first world war
Maginot line Between France and Germany This line named after the French minister of war and maginot and this line  built in 1929 to 1938
Mannerheim line Built by Finland against the Soviet union This was a fortification line on the karelian Isthmus. During the winter war it became known as the mannerheim line , after field Marshal Barone Carl Gustaf Emil mannerheim.
Oder Neisse line Between federal republic of Germany and the Soviet Polish German border devised by the allied powers at the end of World war II