Intrapersonal Conflict


Intrapersonal Conflict:

The intrapersonal conflict is conflict that arises within a single individual, when his own goals, values or roles deviate. There may be many situations when a person has to make choice between two positive situations, two negative situation, or one positive and one negative situation.  

Types of intrapersonal conflict:

There are different kinds of intrapersonal conflicts.

  1. Role conflict: Role conflict arises when an individual performs two different roles having contrary or contradictory expectations at the same time. A worker who is also a worker-director is sandwiched between different expectations. On the one hand he is worker and on the other hand he is director in board of directors. As a director he has go with decisions finalized by other board of directors which may not be in interest of workers. He has to stick with that decision. This kind of situation may give result to role conflict.
  2. Goal conflict: There are different kinds of goal conflicts
  • Approach-approach
  • Avoidance-avoidance
  • Approach-avoidance

Approach-approach: This conflict arises when there exist two equally positive mutually exclusive situations. Both are equally favorable and attractive but person has to choose only one. For example if a person getting two equally good jobs but he has to make choice between them. This can create stress and tension.

Avoidance-Avoidance: It is the conflict that arises when one has to make a choice from two negative situations. He has to accept one in compulsory. A person who dislikes his job and want to quit the job without any other option. So he has to choose make one choice whether to do the job he dislikes or to stay unemployable. It can create a situation of stress and tension too.

Approach-Avoidance: This kind of conflict comes when a positive aspect is associated with negative aspect. And person has to accept it unconditionally. Like a promotion as bank manager may come along with transfer to remote area or far away from the hometown.

  1. Frustration: Frustration can be defined as feeling of being irritated when he is incapable to change or achieve something. Frustration arises when an individual is not able to fulfill his need or when one’s self image is in threat. So one person has to go with some defense mechanisms that are the behaviors help to deal with frustration.