List of Rivers in North America


List of rivers in North America:


Name of the river Length Source Mouth Country
Missouri River 3767 km Brower’s spring Mississippi  river United States
Mississippi River 3730 km Lake Itasca Gulf of Mexico United States
Yukon River 3190 km Atlin Lake Bering Sea United States and Canada
Rio Grande 3034 km Canby Mountain and Pole Creek Gulf of Mexico United States and Mexico
Arkansas River 2364 km Rocky Mountains in Lake county Mississippi River United States
Colorado River 2334 km La Poudre Pass Lake Gulf of California United States and Mexico
Red River 2189 km Harmon Country, Oklahoma Atchafalaya River United States
Columbia River 2000 km Columbia Lake Pacific Ocean, Clatsop county United States and Canada
 Mackenzie River 1738 km Great Slave Lake Arctic Ocean Canada
Snake River 1735 km Rocky Mountain Columbia River and Lake Wallula United States
Churchill River 1609 Km Churchill Lake Hudson Bay Canada
Ohio River 1577 km Allegheny River and Monongahela River Mississippi river United States
Pecos River 1490 km Pecos fall Rio Grande United States
 Canadian River 1458 km Rocky Mountain Arkansas River United States
Fraser River 1375 km Continental divide of the Americas, Fraser Pass Strait of Georgia Canada
Brazos River 1352 km Llano Estacado Gulf of Mexico United States
Athabasca 1231 km Columbia Ice field Lake Asthabasca Canada
Saint Lawrence 1197 km Lake Ontario  Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of saint Lawrence Canada and United States
Kuskokwim River 1130 km Medfra Kuskokwim Bay United States
Liard  River 1,115 km Mount Lewis Mackenzie River Canada
Yellowstone River 1,114 km Absaroka Range Missouri River United States
Cumberland River 1,107 km Kentucky Ohio River United States
Tennessee River 1,049 km Holston River Ohio River United States


Usumacinta 1,000 km Confluence of Chixoy river and Pasion River Gulf of Mexico Tabasco in Guatemala and Mexico 
Tanana River 940 km Nabesna river Yukon River United States
Red River 885 km Confluence of Bois de Sioux and Otter tail R Lake Winnipeg United States, Canada
Wabash River 910 km Near Fort Recovery In Mercer county, Ohio Ohio River near Shawnee town Illinois United States
Kootenay River 780 km Castle Mountain Columbia River, Castlegar Canada, United States
Rio Coco River 750 km San Marco de Colon Caribbean Sea Nicaragua and Honduras
Susquehanna River 715 km Otsego Lake, Cooperstown Chesapeake Bay United States
Connecticut River 660 km Fourth Connecticut Lake Long Island Sound United States
Potomac River 652 km Fairfax stone Chesapeake Bay United States
Nelson River 644 km Lake Winnipeg Hudson Bay Canada
Hudson River  507 km Lake Tear of the Clouds  Upper New York Bay United States
Platte River 499 km North and South Platte River Missouri River United States
Delaware River 484 km Mount Jefferson, west Branch Delaware River Delaware Bay United States
Illinois River 439 km Confluence of Kankakee and Des Plaines river Mississippi River United States
Slave River 434 km Lake Athabasca Great Slave Lake Canada
Alsek River 386 km Kluane National Park and Reserves Pacific Ocean United States

( Alaska)

Willamette 301 km Confluence of Middle and Coast fork Willamette river Columbia River United States
Rio de la Plata 290 km Confluence of Parana and Uruguay River Atlantic Ocean Argentina and Uruguay
Mohawk River 240 km Lewis county, East of west Branch Mohawk River  Hudson River  New York, United States
Atchafalaya River 220 km Mississippi River and Red River of the South Morgan City Louisiana United States
Monongahela 209 km West Fork River and Tygart Valley River, Fairmont Ohio River United States
Pend Oreille River 209 km Lake Pend Oreille Columbia River United States, Canada
Kanawha River 156 km New River and Gauley River Ohio River United States
Niagara River 56 km Lake Erie Lake Ontario Canada, United States