Masters of Pharmacy all courses Question Papers July 2022

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PTU M. Pharmacy all courses Question Papers July 2022

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M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Analysis)

  • MPA-201T Advanced Instrumental Analysis—Download
  • MPA 202T Modern Bio-Analytical Techniques—–Download
  • MPA 203T Quality Control and Quality Assurance——Download
  • MPA 204T Herbal and Cosmetic Analysis—–Download
  • MPL 204T Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance——-Download


Pharmacy (Pharmacology)

  • MPL 201T Advanced Pharmacology-II——Download
  • MPL 202T Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening——-Download
  • MPL 203T Principles of Drug Discovery——Download
  • MPL 204T Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance——-Download


Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy)

  • MPG 201T Medicinal Plant Biotechnology——-Download
  • MPG 202T Advanced Pharmacognosy-II——Download
  • MPG 203T Indian System of Medicine—–Download
  • MPG 204T Herbal Cosmetics——–Download


Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

  • MPC 201 Advanced Spectral Analysis—–Download
  • MPC 202T Advanced Organic Chemistry-II——-Download
  • MPC 203 Computer Aided Drug Design——–Download
  • MPC 204 Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry—–Download


Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

  • MPH 201 Molecular Pharmaceutics (Nano Tech and Targeted DDS)—Download
  • MPH 202 advanced Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics —Download
  • MPH 203 Computer Aided Drug Delivery system——Download
  • MPH 204 Cosmetic and Cosmeceuticals——Download


Pharmacy (Regulatory Affairs)

  • MRA 201T Regulatory Aspects of Drugs and Cosmetics——Download
  • MRA 202T Regulatory Aspects of Herbal and Biological—-Download
  • MRA 203T Regulatory Aspects of Medical Devices——-Download
  • MRA 204T Regulatory Aspects of Food and Nutraceuticals——Download


Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)

  • MPP 201T Principles of Quality use of Medicines——Download
  • MPP 202T Pharmacotherapeutics-II ———Download 
  • MPP 203T Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring—–Download
  • MPP 204T Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics —Download