MBA – MBA IB all semester question papers held in January 2023

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MBA – MBA IB all semester question papers held in January 2023

MBA- MBA IB semester wise question papers

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1st Semester:-

MBA 101-18 Foundations of Management ———Download

MBA 102-18 Managerial Economics ———-Download

MBA 103-18 Quantitative Techniques———-Download

MBA 104-18 Accounting for Management and Reporting —–Download

MBA 106-18 Business Ethics and CSR———-Download

MBA 107-18 Business Analytics for Decision Making———–Download


2nd Semester:-

MBA 201-18 Business analytics for Decision Making——Download

MBA 202-18 Legal Environment for Business ———Download

MBA 204-18 Human Resource Management——–Download

MBA 205-18 Production and Operations Management——–Download

MBA 206-21 Corporate Finance and Policy——Download

MBA 207-18 Entrepreneurship Development and Project——-Download

MBAGE 201-18 Computer Applications for Business ———–Download


3rd Semester:-

HVPE 101-18 Human Values, De-addiction and Traffic Rules———Download

MBA 932-18 Employee Relations ——-Download

MBA 301-18 Organizational Behaviour and Design——Download

MBA 302-18 Marketing Research——–Download

MBA 911-18 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management——Download

MBA 912-18 Management of Financial Services ——Download

MBA 921-18 Consumer Behaviour——-Download

MBA 922-18 Services Marketing———-Download

MBA 931-18 Organizational Change and Development——-Download

MBA 961-18 Marketing Analytics ———Download

MBA 962-18 Data Science Using R——–Download


4th Semester:-

MBA 403-18 Workshop on Indian Ethos——-Download

MBA 915-18 International Finance and Financial Derivatives——Download

MBA 934-18 Strategic HRM ——Download