MCQ Acids, Bases and Salts

CBSE/NCERT 7th Class MCQ CBSE/NCERT 7th Class MCQ on Science

31- Which type of acid helps in digestion of food in our stomach?

(A) Magnesium hydroxide

(B) Formic acid

(C) Calcium hydroxide

(D) Hydrochloric acid


32- Too much acid in stomach causes indigestion. To get relieve from this acid we take

(A)  Calcium oxide

(B) Acidic liquid

(C) Antacid

(D) Calcium hydroxide


33- Which type of antacid contains magnesium hydroxide?

(A) Formic acid

(B) Milk of magnesia

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the above


34- When an ant bites, what type of acid does it injects into the skin?

(A) Formic acid

(B) Antacid

(C) Magnesium hydroxide

(D) None of the above


35- The effect of formic acid can be neutralized by rubbing ………….

(A) Calamine solution

(B) Rubbing sodium hydrogencarbonate

(C) Rubbing moist baking soda

(D) All option are correct


36- Sodium hydrogencarbonate is another name of ………….

(A) Baking soda

(B) Salt

(C) Sugar

(D) None of the above


37- Calamine solution contains ………….

(A) Zinc carbonate

(B) Calcium oxide

(C) Calcium hydroxide

(D) None of the above


38- Too much acidic soil can be treated by adding bases. Which is/are an example/s of bases?

(A)  Calcium hydroxide

(B) Calcium oxide

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the above


39-Excessive basic in soil can be treated by adding acidic like ………

(A) Formic acid

(B) Chemical Fertilizer

(C) Organic matter

(D) None of the above


40- What are the major hazards of factories waste that flow into the river?

(A) Kills fish and other organisms

(B) Pollute the ecosystem

(C) Water of river is potable

(D) All of the above



31-(D), 32-(C), 33-(B), 34-(A), 35-(C), 36-(A), 37-(A), 38-(C), 39-(C), 40-(D)