MCQ on Australia Continent

MCQ on Geography

MCQ on Australia Continent 

1- Capital of Australia is ………..

(A) Canberra 

(B) Australian city

(C) Tasmania

(D) None of the above


2-Which of the following is only island continent in the world?

(A) Australia

(B) Africa 

(C) Russia

(D) New Zealand


3- ……………… the smallest continent in the world.

(A) North America

(B) Australia

(C) Africa

(D) New Zealand


4- Which country is known as the Continent of Thirsty Land?

(A) North America

(B) India

(C) Australia

(D) Indonesia


5- Which line passes through the middle of Australia?

(A) Arctic Circle

(B) Equator

(C) Tropic of Cancer

(D) Tropic of Capricorn


6- The world’s second largest island country in the world after Greenland?

(A) Madagascar

(B) Papua New Guinea

(C) Borneo

(D) Sumatra


7- Papua New Guinea is situated in the ………………..of Australia.

(A) South

(B) North

(C) East

(D) West


8- Between which two countries is the Torres Strait located?

(A) Australia and Tasmania

(B) Australia and New Zealand

(C) Australia and Papua New Guinea

(D) None of the above


9- Which Strait separates Australian mainland from the land of Tasmania?

(A) Torres Strait

(B) Hormuz

(C) Bosporus

(D) Bass Strait


10- Which ocean is located to the east of Australia?

(A) Pacific Ocean

(B) Indian Ocean

(C) Atlantic Ocean

(D) Arctic Ocean



1-(A), 2-(A), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(A)