MCQ On Geography of Africa

MCQ on Geography

MCQ  On Geography of  Africa

1-Name the country through which tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn and equator pass.

(A) Africa

(B) India

(C) China

(D) Nepal


2- Which river in Africa crosses the equator twice?

(A) Senegal

(B) Congo

(C) Nile

(D) Zambezi


3- Which river of Arica is also known as Zaire river

(A) Senegal

(B) Gambie

(C) Congo

(D) Kwango


4-Name the longest river of world which is situated in Africa?

(A)  Niger

(B) Zambezi

(C)  Congo

(D) Nile


5- Which is the world’s second largest continent after Asia?

(A) Africa

(B) North America

(C) Australia

(D) China


6- Sahara desert in Africa is a type of

(A) Cold Desert

(B) Hot desert

(C) Semi Arid

(D) None of the above


7- How many landlocked countries are there in Africa?

(A) 3

(B) 0

(C) 16

(D) 17


8-Which one of the following is the biggest lake of Africa?

(A) Lake Malawi

(B) Lake Turkana

(C) Lake Victoria

(D) Lake Albert


9-Which is the newest country in Africa?

(A) Morocco

(B) Tanzania

(C) South Sudan 

(D) Mali


10- Which river in Africa originates from lake Victoria and drains its water into Mediterranean sea?

(A) Zambezi

(B) Limpopo

(C) Congo river

(D) Nile river



1-(A), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(B), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(D)