MCQ on Minerals and Power Resources

CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ CBSE/NCERT Class 8th MCQ on Geography

61- Coal producing areas in India are

(A) Raniganj

(B) Jharia, Dhanbad

(C) Bokaro

(D) All of the above


62-………………found between the layers of rocks and is drilled from oil fields located in off shores and coastal areas.

(A) Firewood

(B) Natural gas

(C) Iron ore

(D) Petroleum


63- Which of the following is also called black gold?

(A) Petroleum

(B) Coal

(C) Natural gas

(D) Solar power



64-Chief petroleum producing countries in the world are

(A) Iran

(B) Iraq

(C) Saudi Arabia

(D) All of the above


65-Major petroleum producing countries in the world

(A)USA and Russia

(B) Venezuela and Algeria

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the above


66- The leading producer of petroleum in India is/are

(A) Digboi in Assam

(B)Bombay High in Mumbai

(C) Deltas of Krishna and Godavari River

(D) All of the above


67-The word petroleum is derived from ……………word perta meaning rock and oleum meaning oil.

(A) Latin

(B) Greek

(C) French

(D) None of the above


68-Which of he following is eco friendly automobile fuel



(C) Petroleum gas

(D) None of the above


69- Diesel, petrol, kerosene, wax , plastic and lubricant can extracted from  …………….

(A) Industries

(B) Coal mines

(C) Petroleum

(D) All of the above


70- First country in the world to develop hydroelectricity is

(A) India

(B) Brazil

(C) Switzerland

(D) Norway



61-(D), 62-(D), 63-(A), 64-(D), 65-(C), 66-(D), 67-(A),68-(B), 69-(C), 70-(D)