MCQ on Minerals and Power Resources

CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ CBSE/NCERT Class 8th MCQ on Geography

71- Major natural gas producing countries

(A) Norway, UK and Netherlands

(B) Brazil and Paraguay

(C) India

(D) None of the above


72- Natural gas producing regions in India

(A) Jaisalmer

(B) Krishna Godavari delta

(C) Off shore of Mumbai

(D) All of the above


73- Leading producer countries of Hydel power in worlds

(A) Paraguay

(B) Brazil

(C) Norway and China

(D) All of the above


74- Important hydel power stations in India are

(A) Bhakra Nangal

(B) Gandhi Sagar

(C) Nagarjunsagar

(D) All of the above


75- Salal Hydroelectric project is located in

(A) Haryana

(B) Punjab

(C) Ladakh

(D) Jammu Kashmir


76- Which of the following is/are non-conventional resources?

(A) Solar energy

(B) Wind energy

(C) Tidal energy

(D) All of the above


77- Worlds first solar and wind powdered bus shelter is in

(A) Netherland

(B) Scotland

(C) Norway

(D) None of the above


78- Windfarms to generate wind energy are found in

(A) Netherland and Spain

(B) Germany and Denmark

(C)  Both A and B

(D) None of the above


79- …………… obtained from energy stored in the nuclei of naturally occurring radio active elements like uranium and thorium.

(A) Geothermal energy

(B) Hydel power

(C) Wind power

(D) Nuclear power


80- In India, …………..and ………….have large deposits of Uranium and Thorium found in large quantities in Monetize sands of Kerala.

(A) Rajasthan and Jharkhand

(B) Bihar and Jharkhand

(C) Rajasthan and Maharashtra

(D) ALL of the above



71-(A), 72-(D), 73-(D), 74-(D), 75-(D), 76-(A), 77-(B), 78-(C), 79-(D), 80-(A)