MCQ on Reproduction in Animals

CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ on Science

11. Which of the following animals can reproduce with internal fertilisation?

(A) Hens

(B) Cow

(C) Dogs

(D) All of the above


12. Fertilisation that takes place outside the body is called

(A) External fertilisation

(B) Outer fertilisation

(C) Internal fertilisation

(D) Inter fertilisation


13. External fertilisation can be seen in

(A) Frogs

(B) Fish

(C) Starfish

(D) All of the above


14. Animals such as human being cows and dogs which give birth to young ones are called

(A) Metamorphosis

(B) Oviparous animals

(C) Viviparous animals

(D) None of the above


15. Animals such as hen, frog, lizard and butterfly which lay eggs are called

(A) Metamorphosis

(B) Viviparus animals 

(C) Oviparous animals

(D) None of the above


16.The transformation of lava into adult through drastic changes is called

(A) Metamorphosis

(B) Budding

(C) Binary

(D) Viviparus


17. The kind of production in which only a single parent is involved is called

(A) Sexual reproduction

(B) Asexual reproduction

(C) Budding reproduction

(D) Sexual reproduction


18. In hydra, new individual develops from buds. This type of asexual reproduction method is called

(A) Budding

(B) Binary

(C) Metamorphosis

(D) Viviparus


19. Amoeba reproduces by dividing itself into two by asexual reproduction method is called

(A) Budding

(B) Binary

(C) Embedding

(D) Fertilisation


20. The stage of embryo in which all the body parts are identifiable is called

(A) Zygotes

(B) Foetus

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the above



11-(D) 12-(A) 13-(D) 14-(C) 15-(C) 16-(A) 17-(B) 18-(A) 19-(B) 20-(B)