MCQ on Size and Location of India

CBS/NCERT 9th Class MCQ on Geography CBSE/NCERT 9th Class MCQ

11- India is the ……………..largest country in terms of Population

(A) 2nd

(B) 3rd

(C) 4th

(D) 5th 


12- Which ocean in the world is named after India?

(A) Pacific Ocean

(B) Indian Ocean

(C) Arctic Ocean

(D) None of the Above


13- What is the approximate distance between the north-south extents of India?

(A) 2,314km

(B) 4,132 km

(C) 3,214km

(D) 1,432 km


14- What is the approximate distance between the east-west extents of India?

(A) 1,933 km

(B) 3,933 km

(C) 4,933 km

(D) 2,933 km


15- Total length of the coastline of the mainland including Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep Island is ……………

(A) 7165.6 km

(B) 6451.6 km

(C) 6517.6 km

(D) 7,516.6 km


16- Which is the largest country of the world in terms of area? 

(A) India

(B) U.S.A

(C) Russia

(D) China


17-What separates India from Sri Lanka? 

(A) Malacca Strait

(B) Palk Strait or Gulf of Mannar

(C) Hormuz Strait

(D) None of the Above


18- Which of the following five countries share their border with India?

(A) Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh

(B) Africa, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh

(C) America, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh

(D) None of the above


19-Which one of the following found along the coast of Gujarat?

(A) Gulf of Mexico

(B) Gulf of Suez

(C) Gulf of Finland

(D) Gulf of Kachchh and Gulf of Khambhat


20-Lake Chilka is found along the east coast of …………..

(A) Gujarat

(B) Karnataka

(C) Tamil Nadu

(D) Odisha



11-(A), 12-(B), 13-(C), 14-(D), 15-(D), 16-(C), 17-(B), 18-(A), 19-(D), 20-(D)