MCQ on Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ CBSE/NCERT 8th Class MCQ on Science

31. In healthcare industries, plastics are used for

(A) Packing tablets

(B) Threads used for stitching wounds

(C) Gloves and number of medical instruments

(D) All of the above


32. What type of plastic is used for non-stick coating on cookware?

(A) Teflon


(C) Melamine

(D) All of the above


33. Materials which gets decomposed through natural processes such as bacteria is called

(A) Biodegradable

(B) Non-biodegradable

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


34. Uniforms of fireman is made up of what type of plastics?

(A) Melamine

(B) Teflon


(D) Polythene


35. A material which is not easily decomposed by natural processes is known as

(A) Non-biodegradable

(B) Biodegradable

(C) Heat resistant

(D) None of the above


36. Biodegradable products are

(A) Peels of fruits and vegetables

(B) Paper and wood

(C) Cotton and woollen clothes

(D) All of the above


37. Non-biodegradable products are

(A) Tin

(B) Aluminium

(C) Plastic bags

(D) All of the above


38. What type of plastics can be recycled.

(A) Thermosetting

(B) Thermoplastic

(C) Non-biodegradable

(D) None of the above


39. Which of the following material takes maximum time to degenerate?

(A) Paper

(B) Peels of fruits and vegetables

(C) Plastic bags and tin, aluminium and metals

(D) All of the above


40. What are 4R of environment?

(A) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

(B) Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

(C) Reconstruct, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

(D) Regenerate, Reuse, Recover and Reuse


31-(D) 32-(A) 33-(A) 34-(A) 35-(A) 36-(D) 37-(D) 38-(B) 39-(C) 40-(A)