Process of organizing


Process of organizing:

Organizing is a process of establishing work relation, flow of work and information and grouping of activities, identification of authority and responsibility of employees in the organisation. Various steps of organizing process are as follows.

Identification of tasks: all the relevant activities and tasks are identified. Number of activities depends upon the objectives of the organization. It should be done effectively such that no important activity is omitted or repeated.  

Grouping jobs: Once all the activities are identified the next step is grouping of the related jobs. This leads to set up of the departments and divisions in the organization like production department, finance department, marketing department, and personnel department.

Assigning work: When activities are divided among departments the next step would be to appoint suitable persons for the various tasks. Experts in their fields are appointed as appointed as heads of their departments and for lower positions peoples are appointed.

Delegation of authority: When some work is assigned to someone then he must be given some authority to do that work effectively. Assigning work and delegation goes parallel to each other. Assigning work without proper authority is meaningless.

Coordination: As all activities in organization are distinct but they are interdependent so their must be coordination among the departments. In absence of coordination ultimate goal of the organization will not be achieved. Success of the organization is fully dependent on better coordination between the different divisions and managers.