Roles of management


Roles of management:

A manager’s role is very crucial in an organization. The success of organization depends upon manager’s ability in utilizing the resources for achieving the pre-determined goals. Henry Mintzberg suggested three areas where a manger has to work. 

  • Interpersonal Role
  • Informational Role
  • Decisional Role

Interpersonal Role

Interpersonal roles of a manger are concerned with his interacting with people both inside the organization and outsiders. There are three types of interpersonal roles.

Figure Head: In figure head role manager performs activities which are ceremonial and symbolic nature. These include greeting the visitors attending the social functions involving employees, handing out merit certificates and other awards to outstanding employees.

Leader:  Manager’s leader role involves leading his subordinates and motivating them for willing contributions. Manager is responsible for activities of his subordinates. He has to set example of hard work and dedication so that subordinate follow his directions with respect.

Liaison Role: In liaison role manager serves as a connecting link between his and outsiders or between his unit and other organizational units.

Informational Role

Informational role involves receiving collecting of information and distributing them as required. It is of three types

Monitor: In monitoring role manager collects the information which can affect the organizational activities by reading magazines and periodicals, reports from the departments, talking with others to learn changes in the public’s taste.

Disseminator: In disseminator role manger distribute the information to his subordinates and superiors by sending circulars, holding meetings and making phone calls.

Spokesperson: In spokesperson role the manager represents his organization or unit with interacting with outsiders. These may customer, financer, govt. suppliers or other agencies in society. It can be done by attending press conferences, meetings and by issuing notices.

Decisional Role:

It is very important role. Manager has to take decisions daily. In decisional role he performs four roles.

Entrepreneur: As an entrepreneur the manger assumes certain risks which can affect the organization. He has to take decisions like expansion or diversification, initiation of new projects, development of older procedures etc.

As a Conflict Handler: As a conflict handler he has to take care of certain disturbance in organization such as resolving employee disputes and strikes etc.

Resource Allocator:  As a resource allocator managers fulfill the demand of various units in terms of human physical and financial. He tries to utilize these resources in such way that no department suffers for their inadequacy.

Negotiator: As negotiator manager has to take decisions regarding prices with suppliers and customers. He also deals with trade unions and negotiates with them regarding working conditions and wage fixation.