MCQ on Sources of Energy

CBSE 10th Class MCQ CBSE Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) CBSE NCERT 10th Class MCQ on Science

51- Kakrapar in Gujarat and Kaiga in Karnataka are two ………………….

(A) Nuclear Power Reactor station

(B) Geothermal plant station

(C) Ocean Thermal station

(D) All of the above


52- …………….energy was first used for the destructive purpose

(A) Nuclear

(B) Geo Thermal

(C) Ocean Thermal

(D) Nuclear Atom


53- Nuclear energy generation is also possible with another safer process that is called ……………..

(A) Nuclear Fission

(B) Nuclear Fusion

(C) Atom

(D) None of the above


54- ………………means Joining of lighter nuclei to make heavier nuclei.

(A) Atom

(B) Fisson

(C) Fusion

(D) None of the above


55- Who has given this equation that the mass of the product is little less than the sum of the masses of the original individual nuclei?

(A) Galileo

(B) Newton

(C) Albert

(D) Einstein


56- Which of the following is based on Thermo-nuclear fusion reaction?

(A) Nuclear Bomb

(B) Hydrogen Bomb

(C) Atom Bomb

(D) All of the above


57- Which of the following is based on the fission of uranium or plutonium is placed at the core of the hydrogen bomb?

(A) Atom Bomb

(B) Nuclear Bomb

(C) Hydrogen Bomb

(D) None of the above


58- Which of the following is not an example of a bio-mass energy sources?

(A) Wood

(B) Gobar gas

(C) Nuclear energy

(D) Coal


59- Which of the following is not ultimately derived from Sun’s energy?

(A) Solar energy

(B) Wind energy

(C) Geothermal energy

(D) Nuclear energy


60- The …………… embedded in a substance which contains deuterium and Lithium.

(A) Nuclear Bomb

(B) Atom Bomb

(C) Fusion Bomb

(D) All of the above



51-(D), 52-(A), 53-(B), 54-(C),5 5-(D), 56-(B), 57-(B), 58-(C), 59-(D), 60-(A)