Selection process


Selection process:

A selection process involves various steps. The basic idea is to get maximum information about the candidate to find their suitability for the post he has applied for. Selection process may have different steps involved according to vacancy or depends upon organization. Some organization may or may not conduct test before interviews. Standard selection process is ass follows,

Screening of Applications: – Applicants have to fill up some sort of application forms. These forms seek variety of information from the candidate like personal detail, educational details and professional experiences etc. These applications are screened thoroughly to check the suitability of candidates for the post and only those applications are further processed who are found to be meeting the job standards.

Selection Tests: – Many organizations hold the different kind of selection test to know more about the candidates and to reject the candidates. These selection tests provide the actual information about candidates’ knowledge, aptitude, interests, personalities which can not be known by application forms.  Candidates who are passed in the tests are called for the next step i.e. interviews

Interviews: – Selection tests are normally followed by personal interviews of the candidates.  These interviews are conducted to find overall suitability of candidates for job. It also provides the relevant information about organization to candidates. Interviews may be one to one or panel interview. In many cases interview of preliminary kind can be conducted before selection tests, for example in case of campus selection preliminary interviews is held for short listing the candidates for tests.

Checking references: -Many organizations ask the candidates to provide names of referees from where more information about the candidates may be taken. Such information may be related to character or work behaviour etc. the usual referees are head of the institutes from candidates have completed their education or may be previous employer in case of candidate is experienced.

Medical Examination: – Medical test is carried out of the selected candidates to know about their physical and mental fitness. Some organizations place the physical examination near or ate end of selection process, some may locate it earlier.

Approval by authority: – On the basis of above steps the list of candidates is made by the selection committee for the recommendation. Organization may designate various authorities for final approval of the candidates. For top level managers approving authorities can be Board of Directors and for low level positions departmental heads may be approving authority.

Placement: – After all the formalities are completed candidates are placed on their jobs initially on probation basis. This probation period may vary from three months to two years. After successful completion of this tenure candidates are employed as permanent.