The Atlantic Ocean


  • The Atlantic ocean is the world’s second largest ocean after Pacific ocean.
  • It is S- shaped basin.
  • It has rough and irregular coastline.
  • The equator divides the Atlantic ocean into South Atlantic and North Atlantic .
  • This ocean separates old world from the new world.
  • Its average depth is 3,646 meters.
  • It covers an area of about 106,460,000 km square.
  • The name of this ocean is derived from Greek mythology meaning Sea of Atlas and Atlas was the titan who has stand on the edge of the earth.
  • It is salty water body with 20 percent covered area of earth surface with longest coast line.
  • Maximum depth is Puerto Rico trench with 8376 meter and it is located between the Caribbean sea and Atlantic sea.
  • South sandwich is the second deepest trench in southern Atlantic ocean.
  • Romance trench is the third deepest trench of the Atlantic ocean.
  • It is located between South and North Americas to the west and continents of Europe and Africa to the east.
  • This ocean is surrounded by Arctic ocean in north, Pacific ocean in the southwest, Indian ocean in the southeast, and Southern ocean in the south.
  • The term Atlantic specially referred to the Atlas mountain in Morocco and sea off the strait of Gibraltar and North African coast.
  • Numerous bays, gulf and seas are found along the coast of this ocean. These are Baltic sea, Black sea, Caribbean sea, Gulf of Mexico, Labrador sea, Mediterranean sea, North sea, Norwegian sea and Scotia sea, Davis strait and Denmark strait.
  • Islands found in the Atlantic are the Bahamas, Canary island, Azores, Cape Verde island and Greenland.
  • Two most important waterways of Atlantic – Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco and Bosporus in turkey.
  • Major sea ports are Rotterdam in Netherlands, Hamburg in Germany, New York in U.S.A., Buenos Aires in Argentina and Colon in panama.
  • Rotterdam is the biggest container port in Europe.
  • Colon is the largest port on Atlantic ocean with large numbers of containers per year.
  • Big cities on Atlantic ocean are Lisbon in Portugal, London in U.K, Lagos in Nigeria, Cape town in South Africa, Sao polo in Brazil and Miami in U.S.A.
  • Creatures in Atlantic includes Sea lion, Humpback whale, Starfish, Catfish, Penguin, Green sea turtle and Grey Atlantic seal.

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