The Pacific ocean

  • Pacific ocean is the largest and deepest oceanic division on this earth.
  • It spreads over one third of the earth.
  • This large division of the world’s ocean covers 46%of total earth’s water surface.
  • Surface area of pacific ocean is 165,250,000 sq. km. (about 63,800,000 sq. mi.)
  • The pacific ocean is almost circular in shape.
  • The equator subdivides it into two halves northern pacific ocean and southern pacific ocean.
  • Average depth of this ocean is 4,280 meter (14,040 feet)
  • It is surrounded by Asia, Australia, North America and South America on all sides.
  • Maximum depth in the ocean is 10,911 m (35,797 feet).
  • Most of the islands of this ocean area are of volcanic or coral origin .
  • The World’s deepest point is challenger deep in Mariana trench with a depth of 10,928, located in western north pacific.
  • The Second deepest point on the earth is located in southern hemisphere. It is Horizon deep in Tonga trench with a depth of 10,823 meter.
  • The third deepest point on earth is the Sirena deep which is also located in Mariana trench.
  • Ferdinand Magellan, who circumnavigated the earth, named the ocean pacific, which means ‘calm’ or ‘peaceful’.
  • Eastern pacific was first sighted in 16th century by Europeans when Spanish explorer crossed the isthmus of panama.
  • Motion of water in ocean is generally clockwise in northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere.