Types of Customers


Types of Customers:

Anyone who often makes purchases from a shop or an enterprise is named as customer of that shop or the company. Thus a consumer is generally described in phrases of particular save or enterprise.

Let us discuss five different types of customers based on their buying habits.

Loyal Customers: Loyal Customers are the people who buy the items of same brand from the same shop again and again. It is need of stores and company to make good communication with these consumers on a regular basis via different methods such as mails, SMS or phone calls. If company does not make these consumers feel important, happy and satisfied it can lose trust of these customers and ultimately loss of business. These customers can also benefit the company by recommendation or referrals.

Discount Customers: They may be those that make certain your stock is popping over and because of this they may be a key contributor to cash flow. However, such clients also can enhance cost-of-sales as they may be more willing to return or replace product.

Impulse Customers: These are the ones, who select out up goods or brands on impulse, i.e., they make selections simply just at the time of the purchase. For a company or store, there may be not anything greater interesting than supporting an impulse client and having them reply positively to our recommendations. Brands want to target their display towards this kind of clients due to the fact they’ll offer them with a full-size quantity of customer perception and knowledge.

Need-based Customers: These kinds of customers purchase the goods only when they need the particular thing. They will prefer the brand or company that fulfills their need or requirements. If they don’t find that particular thing in the store they will leave empty hands. These customers can be converted into loyal customers if handled carefully and by providing the product according to their demand. These customers if not served carefully can be asset to the competitor. To avoid this issue fair communication is very important.

Wandering Customers: These kinds of consumers are casual customers. They can visit the store anytime or without any need. They contribute a less percentage of sales but they are equally important. Location of the store can be a vital factor for attracting these customers. For instance if the shop is located in a mall more number of customers will visit the store. There is nothing you can do about these people as the number of Wanderers you have is attracted more by location of the store than anything else