Types of selection tests

Types of selection tests:

Achievement or Performance test: – These tests measure the applicants’ ability to do the work. Applicants is simply asked to demonstrate his ability like typing test for the job of typist of making Programme in particular computer language for the job of software development.

Intelligence test/ Aptitude test: – This test tries to measure the intelligence of the applicant. It includes verbal comprehension, reasoning memory test, visualization word fluency etc. These tests are designed for the different age groups. Organization tries to select intelligent people so that they can learn easily during training and learning process.

Personality Test: – these tests are used to find the fundamental aspects of the applicants such as self confidence leadership ability patience etc. personality test is essentially a projective test because it projects the personality of individual required for the success of job and may employed for the organization

Interests Test: – Interest tests are designed to discover a person’s area of interest and identifying the jobs that will satisfy him.  It generally measures interest in outdoor activities mechanical computational artistic musical clerical etc.

Advantages of selection tests:

  1. Selection test can be used to weed out the large number of candidates who may not be considered for the employment. Normally organization receives a large number of applications so these tests help to find out the suitable candidates having required characteristics for the position. Selection test will provide cut off point above which candidates may be called for the interview.
  2. Selection test can provide the information about the qualities and potential of the prospective employees which can not be known through other methods including personal interviews. These tests also help for the promotion of the potential candidates.
  3. Selection tests are standardized and unbiased method of selecting the candidate. Thus a person who is not selected on the basis of test can not argue for the partiality in selection process. Impartiality is very important for organizations like public sector.

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