Volley ball World Cup

Volley ball World Cup:

Men’s World Cup
Year Host Country Winner Runners-up 2nd Runners-up
1965 Poland Soviet Union Poland Czechoslovakia
1969 East Germany East Germany Japan Soviet Union
1973 Not held
1977 Japan Soviet Union Japan Cuba
1981 Japan Soviet Union Cuba Brazil
1985 Japan United States Soviet Union Czechoslovakia
1989 Japan Cuba Italy Soviet Union
1991 Japan Soviet Union Cuba United States
1995 Japan Italy Netherlands Brazil
1999 Japan Russia Cuba Italy
2003 Japan Brazil Italy Serbia and Montenegro
2007 Japan Brazil Russia Bulgaria
2011 Japan Russia Poland Brazil
2015 Japan United States Italy Poland
2019 Japan Brazil Poland United States

Women’s World Cup
Year Host Country Winner Runners-up 2nd Runners-up
1973 Uruguay Soviet Union Japan South Korea
1977 Japan Japan Cuba South Korea
1981 Japan China Japan Soviet Union
1985 Japan China Cuba Soviet Union
1989 Japan Cuba Soviet Union China
1991 Japan Cuba China Soviet Union
1995 Japan Cuba Brazil China
1999 Japan Cuba Russia Brazil
2003 Japan China Brazil United States
2007 Japan Italy Brazil United States
2011 Japan Italy United States China
2015 Japan China Serbia United States
2019 Japan China United States Russia

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